Every project needs a creative spark.  Curb Office (2010) based in the North East of England provides practical and creative support.  Curb is directed by Roweena Russell. The company benefits from her breath of experience, HIV, Sexual Health, Drug & Alcohol, Commissioning, Web Development, Conference planning, Public Speaking, Innovation and Technology as well as radio broadcast. 

Roweena is in a unique position to offer practical, creative and innovative support and inspiration.  A central aim of Roweena’s work is to provide great quality no nonsense information about technology and media.  

Roweena has been a trainer and facilitator for twenty years and has developed skills in demystifying things that have been made unnecessarily complicated.  Working with the creative spark of Curb Office will be a benefit for years to come.  

You can explore Roweena's photography and creative work here http://roweenarussell.com